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Underappreciated Artists and Other Things

Posted by Bleak-Creep - February 11th, 2022

I see other folks do posts like these every so often, and as someone who frequents the undiscovered artists portal, I feel like I should really be doing a little more to help some of these people out because many of them are insanely talented. I also feel like I should just post little updates more often maybe. So we'll do a little of that after we get through this list of people. This gonna be a long one by the way....feel free to just skip around however you like.

I wanted to start off this list with someone I'll always see around when I'm looking for new people to scout; they've usually already commented on something that I thought was really cool and I secretly wonder if they think of me as some kind of scouting poacher, but I will admit defeat, @VulpsVulps you're better at finding cool new artists than I.

VulpsVulps seems like a good way to start the list because I feel like they're very underappreciated themselves and not only do they do a lot of great behind the scenes work, their pixel art and animations are fantastic.

Another cool pixel artist I've encountered is @pixelroger who does these great surreal, fantastic sorts of structures and characters. It's all very cryptic, mysterious stuff, and I wanna get to know that world a little better every time I see any of their new pieces.

Anyone who knows me well enough will tell you that I love both creepy and cute things in equal measure, and @BeesforEveryone has found such a perfect balance in doing just that in these adorable portraits of horror icons. I love them all, but these are a couple of my favorites so far.

To continue on with my love for cute, simple designs and vibrant colors, both @julimye and @pineapplegrenader really scratch that itch for me. Julimye for their impeccably rendered Astro Boy-esque characters, and Pineapplegrenader for their distinctive, soft, and absolutely gorgeous sense of style. Here's a couple favorites from each of their galleries.

I feel like no one should have less fans than pieces published when they're all this good, but @MetaGrif has dozens upon dozens of these earth shatteringly cool character designs that just haven't received the kind of attention they deserve.

I definitely have more artists I could share, but I think I'll wait a bit later on to write more. Check out the undiscovered art portal from time to time though (Uh, just be sure to turn off M-A rated stuff or you might get bombarded with fetishes)


As far as personal updates go, I've been making good progress (ie: I have just barely started animating) on Us Chapter 4, and I don't think I should have any trouble in finishing it before the end of the year. I'm really excited to finally close out this story after working on it for the past three years, but it's been a great run, and I can tell I've been improving an as animator with each new episode.

I don't talk usually give out too many details about my private life here, but Us was always a story very close to my heart (I'm a trans woman myself) and writing for it has allowed me to work through a lot of difficult subjects. I write them for me, the people I'm closest with, and the people who work on the shorts with me, but it really means a lot to have other folks outside of that sphere get something out of it too. So thank you to anyone who's been watching these things, and I'm sorry I'm so very slow.

I think that's all for now, but I'm gonna make a conscious effort to post more often. Oh wait, one more thing! Join this gay collab (It's actually real and I desperately want it to succeed)





In my defense, I also don't like to talk about that sort of stuff too much... but when it comes to scout under appreciated artist...well... somebody has to, right?
I also think that good work and/or art, should never go unnoticed, whenever the artist is famous or not.....

In any case, thanks for giving a good word for me, I appreciate it a lot

AGREED. There's a lot of neat things out there waiting to be discovered. It's like digging through the sandbox for treasure, once you find something great you're hooked.

And you're welcome! I see you everywhere, but I've never said a word to you. I just wanted to say I see you and I like what you're doin' :)

Ey, someone who sees the undiscovered artists portal the same way I do! I happened to see this post show up on the front page, and I love your idea of posting about artists you've found whose work should receive more attention! I'm gonna go check out these artists now - thanks for showing them off!

Yeah! I know a lot of people already do it, but I figure I might as well jump in on it. There’s a lot of other artists I’d like to cover later on too. Lotta good stuff lurking just outside the peripherals!

OMG this is amazingly sweet!! Thank you for the kind words, totally unexpected but i appreciate them a lot!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

You’re welcome! I love your stuff; your designs have such a timeless feel to them. I’m really excited to see them once you animate them too :)

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it, and I'm happy to have you for a scouter!

You're welcome! Keep making great things and I will keep singing your praises! :)

Oh my wow I just saw this. thank you. Sometimes I have a day I look at undiscovered artists on my phone lol.

You're welcome! You're always so good with color palettes, and I love the way you handle drawing anything wispy like smoke or liquid; there's always a lot of energy to it.

Thank you so much for the feature! I'm honored!

You're welcome! I'm always so jealous of your coloring ability. Everything you draw is always so soft and huggable.