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The collab that successfully fulfilled all my dreams of becoming a crazy cat lady.

Pretty cute, as always! Big fan of people doing their own thing with the Madness universe. :)

P-PAMda responds:

Thansk you so much bleak! i just know how to do silly stuff so its appreciated that you like this take ;v;

This came out great! The editing helps it flow together really nicely. Really enjoyed getting to participate in this. :)

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Really cute game, and easy enough to play with a track pad too! I just wish you got a special ending screen if you were able to finish the shift. The art's super cute.

A neat little game. I still don't exactly know what the cane icon is supposed to represent, but I like to imagine that they used it to do a little jig and danced their troubles away.

Dungeonation responds:

Could’ve been clearer, yeah. It represents disability

Yayayay, it's out! Love all these horrible little beasties. Everyone did such a great job! :D

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These lyrics are great, haha.

Yay, new music! Always love to hear some piano against all that hard DNB energy. :)

Quarl responds:

Hardcore EDM people have always been like "stop using piano patches" but it's a timeless instrument I think sounds perfect. If I knew you'd stop by I might have put a little more effort into those sparse chromatic note choices...

Ay, I forgot this was coming out today for a second there! Thank you again for having us (and Us) on the show! Was a great way to force me out of my shell a bit. I'm naturally a very shy person, so having Quarl there to do most of the talking really saved me. I do love talking about this stuff though, so I appreciate you giving us a space to do that. :)

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

You're welcome! I'm glad you feel that way! It was great to have you both on!

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Absolutely love this guy! Might be my favorite thing you've done so far.

I can't believe how vibrant the colors are for watercolor! This turned out beautiful!

Really likin' that spooky funhouse vibe with the background!

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