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I love your style, and this was a fun little concept. Could use some more sound effects or music, but nice work all the same. :)

Hanyuurin responds:

Thank you! I admit, back then I didn’t really think much about sound design, just sounds where necessary 😅

Pretty cute for a first attempt at using the 3D Sami. Excited to see what she gets up to on a bigger adventure! :)

SAMI-OURS responds:

More dynamic and rich expressions will be possible. Thank you!

This is absolutely adorbs. <3

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Gotta try out this game from some of my old collaborators!

Sprites are pretty darn cute and the menu music after you get a game over sounds lovely. Gameplay works well enough for what it is, though it could definitely use some kind of scoring system or better feedback once you kill an enemy.

I'm giving it a 3 since I think that's the goal of the game jam? But I'll up it/subtract it later if it helps balance you out :)

GetterRocka responds:

Thank you for the feedback, working on this project definitely gave me a bit more confidence in my ability to make pixel art.

This does for top down racing what Super Meat Boy did for platformers. (I suppose there's some platforming in this game's blood too) Wish I could use a controller for this, but the controls are super tight and responsive regardless. Fantastic job. (Now I just need to finish these last few levels)

*And finished! Lilypads and Sharp Edges gave me the most trouble, but both really honed my skills too.

Yay, it's out! And apparently I need to do some studying caus I think I flunked out with a 42% :O

Intrapath responds:

If it helps any, I'm rocking a 30% here x.x

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I'm behind on these again but this one might be my favorite out of the whole month. It reminds me of the sort of thing you did with the Us scores, but a little more free form and with a bit more of your synth-y bells and whistles here and there. As always, I'd love to hear more of this kind of stuff from you. You play the piano so beautifully.

Quarl responds:

Thank you for stopping in, I know my general body of work can be repulsive. For the one out of ten tracks you truly enjoy, I am grateful.

This song feels quite a bit different than anything else in the game, but I still think it works really well as an end of the day thing. It's a little slower and sleepier than the other tracks, and it's got a real reflective sort of tone to it too.

The OG Maple theme! I still really like this one. It really helps set the tone as this small, cozy little town with a bit of adventure to be had for those willing to seek it out. :)

Nice work!

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These are all really fun, but I absolutely love the little emo sniffly guy on the bottom row of the first pic.

CaldoChico responds:

Haha yeah he was fun to make, honestly the lot of them were fun to make but I think the most fun I had were with the character on the first sheet in general they felt like pretty easy to churn out but still distinct enough.

This is such a cool design. I love that you kept the holes in the paper too.

The atmosphere is really nice in this one. Really interesting art style shift from your typical stuff too!

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