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Very cute. You really nailed that retro VG cutscene look with this. I wish all the animation looked as polished as the shot where the girl shoves the clovers into her bag, but it's a nice little short all the same. Good work! :)

JRetrioX responds:

I see what you mean. I had a personal deadline for the animation so I didn't have as much time to polish it. It was also the first full-length animation I had made in two years, so I was relearning animation fundamentals while making it. I'll be sure to put extra polish in my future animations when I can. Thank you for your feedback!

I love how you can always it's a Goji animation even from the very first frame. Chill and trippy as always!

Goji responds:

thank you for your support!!! it really means a ton

You finally finished it! The animation is excellent, and the way it flows in sync with the music is something really special. Hope to see you make another one of these sometime!

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This nails the old arcade aesthetic so incredibly well, right down to the way it boots up in the very beginning and the little art on the side of the screen is the icing on the cake. The gameplay itself kind of reminds me of Burger Time a bit too.

My only real complaint is that that I think it could use either an alternate method to getting up and down floors, or maybe another set of elevators, because things can get pretty congested in the middle of the stage and a good chunk of the time you just kinda have to wait it out til it's safe to ride.

A really cute little character creator, although I feel like the controls are a little complex for what it is. I really wanted to just be able to click on the tabs and colors, but the mouse controls only work for a few of the menu buttons, which struck me as a little odd.

Still, I had a lot of fun playing around with this, and I miss seeing stuff like this here!

Snow-Hex responds:

thanks a lot for the feedback, I thought about the mouse but I decided that it would be more entertaining by keys (you can also use a controller), as if it were a real game where you create your character before playing. :)

Will try this after Thanksgiving wraps up, but I’m really happy to see this finally got finished up. Good work on those who picked it back up after the hiatus.

*I think I caught all the fish? I'm not sure how to unlock the final area though! Gimme a hint!

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Thank you for again for coming along for the ride on this one! The vibrators were a great addition, and really built up the tension throughout the whole thing.

I also really like that you added back in some of the outtakes on this version, because I really did enjoy watching that evolution of the soundtrack with that stuff.

Quarl responds:

The process is always exciting with you, had fun exploring ideas! If it seems like I'm stressing I only stress so much because I want to make my friend happy. You are a gem!

You really nailed the whole "haunted music box" thing I wanted for this. It's really easy to picture a little ballerina spinning around to this for all eternity.

Thanks again! :D

Haha, you went from anxious and haunting to the full blown extinction of the human race. I like it.

Quarl responds:

Thanks Garden, love <3

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I really like the style and the animation on this one adds a lot to the overall effect. Nice stuff.

Love the atmosphere in this one!

mashmerlow responds:

Thank you so much!!! :D

Need to see more of this sea monster girl tbh

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