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Art Raffle and Opening Trades

Posted by Bleak-Creep - March 22nd, 2022

I promise I'm still making good progress on Us, but part of my process whenever I'm working on animating is that I need at least one or two creative distractions each week in order to exercise different parts of my brain and keep me from getting too burned out on it.

SO, to add some things into my backlog on those days where I could use a break, I first wanted to hold a little commission raffle as a thank you to my followers. If you wanna enter, just make sure you're on my followers list, and then leave a comment on this post and I'll pick a winner on 3/26. I will say the only request I won't take is for NSFW or fetish related stuff, but I'm pretty comfortable with anything else.

In addition to this raffle, I also wanted to mention that I'm open to do more art trades. I always really enjoy doing these and drawing other people's characters is helpful for challenging myself. I can't guarantee I'll take all requests for these, but if I like your style and you've got a character that looks fun to draw, I'm into it.


WendigoVDB won the raffle!




Oooh, I also get a little burden out whenever I am working on projects. I would recommend you to maybe do some puzzles or crosswords, that's what I do to avoid it. Or chat with your friends about life.

I would love to do an art-trade! But I would love to enter the raffle, so I guess I am doing both now.
Take it easy with your progress, I am sure it will be finished soon!

I have lots of little tricks to keep myself from getting frustrated about it, but sometimes the best thing is just to take a step back every so often so you can get things back into proper perspective.

I'm up for an art trade with ya! You've already got all my info, so send me a character or something and I'd be happy to give you one in return.

(I'll get ya in the raffle too, you're totally allowed to do both)

I could never open up an art trade spree in the middle of a project... Which is why I quit projects first! Hats off to you for being this hard-working!

I get restless, but I always try my best to finish what I start (even if I have to admit I've dropped a few of my own projects over the years too)

I'm putting you in on this raffle btw!

@Bleak-Creep O_O uh oh okay