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Another Underrated Artists Feature

Posted by Bleak-Creep - April 28th, 2022

Been feeling the urge to do another one of these little features to shine the spotlight on some of the talented folks I've come across on the site over the last year. A brief word of warning, while there won't be any NSFW art in this post, one of the users I'm featuring does have a bit of that on their page, which I'll mark accordingly. Anyway, let's get started!


First up we've got @Slushie98 who I hope to be doing an art trade with soon! I absolutely love her character designs with their big expressive eyes and their bright, striking color schemes.

@MoopersThings is someone I really admire for how often they experiment with their colors and art style. There's always a common thread that runs throughout all of their work, but you never know exactly what to expect next, and that's always an exciting thing. Really love the way they use basic shapes too.

(NSFW warning) Next up we've got @Ursulula who has a very distinctive style; I'm in love with their warm color palettes, gorgeous lighting, and softly textured brushes.

@Kajiuna makes a lot of fanart, but always infuses it with their own unique sense of style, which I find very charming. Their color palettes are always so warm and inviting, and though their linework is relatively minimalist, they never fail to capture the mood they're aiming for.

@atomichamzter has the sort of art style where every character they draw just looks so soft and huggable. Their textured brushes give their stuff an effortlessly natural, and nostalgic sort of appeal; it's all very cute.




nice choices. especially the last one. i know them and got stuff from them so it is nice to see them getting a shoutout

Thanks! I love them all; they really deserve all the support.

I love the spotlight you put on art style here - the descriptions you gave make me want to check all five out. I love art styles that have a lot of intention behind them, and I’m always trying to expand my horizons in order to help me improve my own style. Thanks for the recommendations!

Always on the lookout for inspiration! There's a lot you can learn just by closely studying other people's stuff, then trying to apply a few of the same techniques to your own work. :)

Aw, Bleak, this is just too wholesome! What you're doing for the community right here is a wonderful thing.

It's no big thing! I just wanna do what I can. :)

Omg thank you for the shout out! I'll def down for an art trade! :)

Yayay! I'll have to send you a character soon, and then you can just lemme know whenever you're ready. :)

omg I was waiting for another post like this, you always find so lovely artists!!!

Haha, thanks! I've gotta stay vigilant!

I dig this idea! Some fun works on show here

Yeah! I think it’s fun to do one of these every so often. :)

Aah thank you so much for the mention! I really appreciate it <3

Welcome! Keep making great stuff! :)