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The Return of the Underrated Artists Feature!

Posted by Bleak-Creep - September 2nd, 2022

Been way too long since the last one of these. Over the last couple months in particular I've seen a lot of cool new artists popping up to join in on the lamb jam and the summer loving jam. I just wanted to take some time to celebrate a few of them, as well as some other underrated artists from around the site!

First up there's @sharpytown, who I've been meaning to feature here for a long time now. They've got a really clean and polished style (not to mention super cute!) that carries over into both their illustrations and animations

@LDBbell always uses these warm, earthy tones that give their stuff a nice nostalgic sort of feel to them, and I'd love to see their character designs in some kind of story at some point or another. There's a lot of charm there.

@kitdreamzing is one of the said "cool new artists" I discovered during the lamb jam, where they made this super fun living candle as their cult leader. As it turns out, their other art is just as inspired! They've got a great sense of atmosphere and color palettes.

Next we have @roadhorror, someone else I've been meaning to feature for a while. They still don't have too much art up yet, and a lot of them are just sketches, but what is there is super promising and has a lot of personality and quirky details.

@illun-co only needs a few colors and simple linework to make some seriously striking illustrations. They manage to capture a real sense of mystery and wonder in their work, and their style feels like it'd be the perfect fit for some kind of fantastic graphic novel.

@oddment is someone else I discovered through the lamb jam, and while they don't have too much art up yet, their style is very distinctive. It's edgy and full of chaotic energy, but the linework is also surprisingly controlled. Really excited to see what's next!

To close this out, I also wanted to thank everyone who played Roxy's Windows. I know the frontpage really helped, but I still have no idea how its blown up the way it has, and I'm really happy to see so many people playing it and generally having a good time with it. I know we've still got at least one more patch to release which should polish up the rough edges that remain, so hopefully people are still playing it once that comes out! 




AAAA, thanks so much for including me!!! It's greatly appreciated :^>

No problem! Your stuff is fantastic!