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Underrated Artists Feature #12

Posted by Bleak-Creep - March 5th, 2024

I actually wasn't planning on doing another one of these so soon, but lately I've been seeing a ton of great new artists here including a few I'd always see around on Deviantart, and I really wanted to show them some love and a warm welcome here!

On that note, I really wanted to start with @ninacti0n who's always pulling off these insane color schemes with their wildly imaginative and experimental art style. Always a joy to see what they cook up during the Art Fight season too; really cool stuff.

We're just gonna keep on going with the gooey, surreal stuff here, so next, I wanted to highlight @udonkno who has this really nice fluidity to their forms, along with those bright, trippy, eye popping colors.

@ouhmathew seems to have a bit of a niche, but there's no denying they've got a real knack for that niche. Great expressions and some really nice shapes in their designs.

In a similar fashion, @8RUSADER's finds success in capturing that Final Fantasy/Bravely Default look with their soft colors and cute but surprisingly detailed character designs.

@baphylamb is someone I met through Xinxinix's Art Talks server, I'd always see them posting these WIP pics, but it actually took me a bit to track them down on NG itself. They've got a great eye for detail and lighting, and there's a nice variety to their gallery too.

@novaruah hasn't posted too much yet, but what they have shows an awful lot of promise; some really fun angles and poses in here. They also participated in that Adult Swim Collab that released just yesterday!

And I think that's all I've got for this time! On a more personal note, I'm getting' pretty close to finishing my visual novel, Homecoming, and it should be ready for you all to play sometime next month. I've got about 15-16 shots left and then I just need to work out a few kinks here and there with the programming/audio.




This was helpful. Thank you

Oh my, this is such a sweet thing of you to do :'] And alongside many other talented people too- it's such a honor! Thank you so much!!

I love your stuff so much. It’s so far outside my wheelhouse, but it’s always such an eye opener to see what you’re up to

Nice to tune in and see more underrated artists, I love them all

We always gotta be diggin! :)

Been following Novaruah for a while, they do fantastic work! Love their Inuyasha model for the [as] collab.

Bleak-Creep thank you so much for mentioning me. A great honor it is, and I greatly appreciate it!

No problem! You've got some great stuff! :)

Thank you so much for the mention, such an honor!!! Glad to have the chance to see other small artists amazing work

No problem! You've got such a fantastic sense of style. :)

Omg, thank you for the mention! i really do appreciate it <:3

No problem! You’ve got some really cool stuff! :)