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I write sad stories (with hope!) and then animate them in cute pastels to lull you into a false sense of security.

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Homecoming is out!

Posted by Bleak-Creep - 11 days ago

My interactive story project, Homecoming, is finally out today. I've had it finished for a couple days now, but with Trans Visibility Day coinciding with Easter, and April Fool's being the next day, the timing just didn't feel quite right to me. It's been exactly one year since I originally wrote this story, which I uploaded last Trans Visibility Day as an audio piece, but I always kind of envisioned it as something more. I think the visual element, along with a terrific score I got from @Connorgrail, @Quarl, and Effie Vision add a lot of depth to it and really heighten the emotion of the story.

Anyway, but I really hope you'll give it a shot. It's the most personal story I've ever released.

If emotional anguish isn't your thing though, I also just put out a much lighter story for that Storytime Collab too, called "If The Shoe Fits". It's very silly.

And thanks to all these folks for helping out with that one too:

@Rudeboyeeee , @Dieswyx , @Kekiiro, @Praise-Bob, @Tamag0, @Krampus




emotion anguish is so my thing i'm gonna play this

You’re in for a treat then, haha

I woke up early today for this! Cartoon was having trouble on my tablet so I double checked with my phone, toon worked fine. I've left my tablet open to see if the title screen ever loads. Honestly, my tablet has a number of hick-ups. The Fire HD 10 Plus was an affordable device, cartoon still works on 2/3 of my devices :3

I've noticed an artifact during the load-up, instead of the start text there's an "L" for one screen. Do I unlock an Easter egg if I manage to click it quick enough? WILL I INHERIT THE OASIS FROM HALLIDAY? D:

There’s supposed to be a loading screen in there, but I still can’t tell if it’s compatible with Ruffle or not. I feel like I might take it out later caus I don’t think it is.

I played it just now and its really good. I loved the art and it really fits with your storytelling style. Great job! I gave it 5 stars.

Thanks! We try to keep it dreamy. :)

An honest question, do flash cartoons require a load screen any more?

@Quarl Ruffle does support preloaders now

Maybe I just messed something up when coding it in that case. It’d been a real long time since I made one.

@Dungeonation My question was whether or not a pre-loader is even necessary. Streaming data is fast enough that I'm truly curious how often a load screen is needed for flash cartoons. Garden was talking about removing her load screen, would that be detrimental or not? Again, the cartoon worked on 2 out of 3 of my devices. It was probably just an error with the tablet I was using.

@Quarl It can’t hurt! Depending on your connection and the size of the flash you can absolutely still see a preloader. Without it I think Ruffle just uses its own SWF loading bar as Ruffle loads in. Best to let Ruffle load and then have your game load on your preloader so the user is like “ooh progress!”

Congrats on the release! And thank you for the mention!

Thanks! And no problem! :)

nice. also, the game is a bit concerning. u fine?

I’m alright! Stories are my therapy; they’re how I attempt to make sense of the world

@Bleak-Creep oh. i understand. i enjoyed homecoming although it did give me a bit of a panic attack haha. im not into intense turmoil tbh. although i do like some dark media.


I do also have that story about shoes that just came out in the Storytime Collab too if you wanted a chaser with something a lot more lighthearted.

Hell yeah!! T'was fun to Collab in that bedtime story!

Agreed, agreed. I really enjoyed that one. :)